Graphic Design

• Menus

• Logos

• Posters

• Tickets

• Post Cards

• Business Cards

• Flyers

• Whatever You Need!


Web Design

• Small & Large Scale e-Commerce

• Informational

• Portfolios

• Blogs


App Design

• eCommerce Apps
• Informational Apps
• Large Scale Apps



• Specializing In Digital Marketing

• Social Media

• Search Engine

• 3rd Party Websites

• Re-Targeting

• Digital Ad Creation

• Pixel Set-up



My past business experience has given me a unique opportunity to be able to help business owners grow their businesses to the next level in a range of areas.

My first business (Downeast Cheesecakes) was an online bakery that primarily sold online through Amazon and in our retail storefront. Within just a few months our product became #15 on the list of most sold cakes on the largest e-commerce marketplace.

• Business Plans

• Marketing Plans

• Helpful Business Software

• 3rd Party Business Services (Printing, Dropshipping, Wholesale, Employee Efficiency, Team Services)

• Help Streamline Processes For Max Efficiency

• Product Research & Development

• Branding

• POS (Point Of Sale) Set-up, Recommendations, Trainging.